The Clown Murder: Wichita Falls Texas

My name is Stephanie and I am 13 years old. This is my story that totally made me think twice about the dark on Halloween.

OK my friend Jarrod,(whom I like) was have ing a Halloween party. So me being totally in love with this guy accepted his invitation. It was a really cool party but it got better as he invited me to stay afterwards for his and his sister's guy-girl sleep over. His sister's room was completely full of dolls cause she was only about 6. There is only one problem though...I am a little bit scared of dolls. Especially the clown dolls she keeps everywhere. But for Jarrod I would do anything! So I stuck it out. That night went really calm and cool and I avoided going into the bed room as much as I could. Then we had the idea for a seance. "Sounds like fun," I said. Turns out it was going to take place in his sister's room. So I took a chill pill and sat down next to him. We began a little chant. The we started to summon someone. So I so stupidly suggested Blinko the Clown. (For those of you who don't know who Blinko the Clown is, he was a mental Institution escapee who stalked and killed 5 people. He chopped off their heads and hands and hid the bones. Any traces of the bones or him was ever found.) "Great idea!" Jarrod blurted. So we began to call on Blinko to find out what he did with the bones. About 5 minutes passed by and nothing happened, but I had to get out of there or I was gonna crack. So I calmly walked out as if I had to get a drink and flew down the stars. I got a glass of water from the kitchen, and as I was heading upstairs I heard a slight creaking sound. I thought it was just the stairs and continued walking. I got back and joined the group. just as I sat down the lights flickety flickered and blew out. And I mean 'blew' out. So we all went looking for the candles his parents always keep. All the sudden we heard a loud crash. We ran up stairs to see what was the matter. Anna's giant clown doll had been 'pushed' out of the window. We went out side to bring it back in and as we lifted it up, guess what we saw... 5 sculls and 5 sets of hands. I never had a seance again and I am still terrified of dolls..


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