Haunted Grocery Store: Georgia

i'm 45 years old and i am the manager of a grocery store in georgia. its a family business owned by my best friends family. we have two stores around the atlanta area. i have worked for this grocery chain for 30 years and my story starts when i was 16.

my best friend's family has owned a grocery store since the early 1900's and when we turned 16 we both went to work for them. it is a big store but the incidents always happened after closing at around 6 pm we would mop the floors and all of a sudden you would see footprints where you have just mopped and i would never see anyone walk over it. baskets would all of a sudden start to roll down the aisles with noone pushing them. on one occasion me and my friends uncle who was then the manager were locking up the store when we heard screaming that scared the pants off of us. i have worked there all my life and when i was assistant manager we were robbed and three of our workers were killed. we still don't know what causes this now i am the manager of the store and my friend is president of the chain. our other store never expieriences any problems like this but we still do last week i walked down an aisle and apple juice started falling off the shelf and onto the floor i looked on the other aisles to see if a stock boy was playing a joke but noone was there. i can't figure out what is doing this. other employees even customers notice the incidents.


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