Out of Body Experience?: Unknown location

I'm not sure if you would classify this as a ghost experience, but it is weird just the same. My mother called me one day and told me that the weirdest thing had happended the night before. That evening, my brother told her he was going out, and he left. At about 10:30 or so that night, my mother was getting ready for bed. She went to the garage and closed the garage door (which is an electric door) and turned the light in the garage off (the switch is inside the house by the door). After she changed for bed, she was sitting on the edge of her bed and heard the door going into the garage open and close. She then heard my brother clear his throat (he has a distinctive sound when he does this, so she had no reason to doubt it was him). She heard him walking down the hall and even saw his shadow. She wanted to tell him something so she was waiting for him to pass her door, but then she heard him turn and go back the direction he came. She waited for him to come back so she could talk to him, but he never came back. She never heard the door open and close again so she got up to go see if he was in the kitchen. But he wasn't. He was nowhere in the house. She saw the light switch for the garage was on, so she opened to door to see if he had gone back outside, even though she never heard the electric garage door open (it is very loud). The garage door was still closed. There is another light in the garage that comes on when the door is opened or closed and stays on for about five minutes, but this light was not on, so the door had not been opened or closed. She looked out the window from the kitchen and his truck was not there. She thought this was weird but shook it off and went to bed. About an hour later, he came home "again" and this time she saw him. She asked him where he had gone earlier when he came back home. He told her had not come back home and had been gone since he left earlier that evening. This couldn't have been a ghost she heard, because my brother is still alive, but my mother said "it" sounded just like my brother clearing his throat. Could it be possible he had an out of body experience without knowing it?

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