Friendly Ghost:Burbank, IL

Hello my name is Kevin I am 10 years old, I had a creepy experiance in my front room. One night I woke up at 6 am I turned on the TV to watch it. I looked into the Kitchen and I heard a strange computerlike voice after that I pulled the covers over my head, Just to let you know our computer is all the way upstairs in another room. Then I heard a bunch of bubbles come up in the fish tank, then a ghostly wind flew over me. I got up off the coach thinking to myself it was nothing just my mind playing games with me. Right after I said that, I heard the same voice coming from the stairway I don't know what they said but it was very creepy. Right after hearing that a tickling came from the bottem of my feet all the way up my body. I was very scared. I got up and hopped to my gramma's room and started to cry. After that I was in my gramma's room and kept hearing banging noises in the kitchen. Another day I was upstairs and nobody was up there with me. I was playing on the computer and there is a cubby hole next to it. I heard breathing coming from behind me and from the cubby hole. I ran downstairs in fear. Then one day I was upstairs watching IT I only saw a little bit of it before I looked up at the porclian dolls on top of the TV and their eyes were facing to the left when I looked back up at them their heads looked like they were facing a different way and they were looking at me I ran downstairs really scared. Now I wont go upstairs or stay up there alone. To this day I think our house is haunted but my mom doesn't think so cause she lives upstairs and nothing has ever happened to her

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