Dearest Grandpa:Oklahoma

My grandpa died a couple of years ago,and see we were like really close.He was my most fav grandpa.Ok,well,it was like a year or two after he had past.One night before I went to bed,I thought about how he was.I went to sleep(of course)and woke up to tottally nothing.I looked around to get my eyes focused,and when they finnally did,I saw a man reaching out like he was giving a hug.I got scared,and put my blanket over my head.I rubbed my eyes and looked out again.Nothing was there,but the next morning at the foot of my bed I saw two man sized footprints inprinted in my carpet.I really didnt know what to think.Well,the other day my grandma put in a Chritmas play tape in with him in it.Smiling!!!! Me and my cousin almost started to cry.My grandma did!!!But,every time I see a picture or a video of him smiling,I know that he is very happy where he is now!!!

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