Haunted house :Salem, NY

My family moved into a house in 1977 in Salem, NY, bordering the State of Vermont and near Lake George, NY. This in an area rich in history with several very old cemeteries and homes dating back to the 1700's. Our home was over two hundred years old with four barns.

Not soon after moving in, strange things began to happen. My brother and I often felt a presence and would talk to it. Would would ask it to please go away as it was scaring us. However, whoever this presence was, it seemed to respect our wishes and always left us alone.

I was often home alone as both of my parents worked full time. When I would get off of the school bus, I often dreaded going into the house becuase I knew the ghost would be there watching me. Have you ever felt like someone was standing right next to or above you? Like electricity in the air? The hairs on your arms and back of your neck stand up, you are frozen with fear because you can't see this "person" but you know they are right there? Well this happened to us for six years.

One night, my father (a NYS Trooper) was working the night shift. My mother, brother, sister and I were home alone. (Our nearest neighbors in all directions were a mile away). Suddenly from the vicincity on the stairs in the house (a center hall colonial), we heard a voice call "Billy". This is the nickname of my brother and Father. There was nobody else in the house but us and we heard this voice.

About a year later I was sleeping in the top bunk bed in my brother's room while he watched T.V. in my room. Every time I would be just on the verge of sleep the bed would give a few hard shakes. Enough to wake me completely up. Finally, after the third occurrence, I realized I wasn't having any sort of dream and jumped out of bed and out of the room. My mother confessed a few years later that the same thing had happened to her while my father and she were divorcing.

Finally, and I am skipping a lot of the story....the final thing to happen was....one night my mother and I went to see a movie. My sister came home, was alone in the house and heard a door slam upstairs. Moments later, she heard a noise like a motor of some sort. She attempted to call her friends and the phone cut out on her. By the time my mother and I arrived home, she was sitting in the kitchen of the house crying. Worried because of the phone problem, one of her male friends arrived moments later.

Upon a search of the house, one of the bedroom doors was slammed shut, a mirror was face down on a dresser and rosary beads were hanging on the door knob. The mirror previously hung on the wall and the beads were in a communion purse received four years earlier and tucked away in a drawer.

Whoever this was obviously was not bad, or the rosary beads would not have been touched. Nonetheless....as a child it was six years of fear and paranormal experience that will never leave me. Too much to tell here....

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