Matty: Az

My name is Tina, I am 26. I had lost a son about 3years ago. I have had things happen that don't usually happen. The first is I just got married and right before I got married . My husband was getting up to go to the bathroom and was stopped by the stairs, he truned and said to me do you see that. I came by and it was very coid by the stairs and then when I looked we saw a little boy who was sitting there. You could bairly make it out . like a mist almost.

Then another thing was that I had left to bring my other two children back to my exhusband who was waiting out side, when I came back in My husband had the tv off and was listing to the closet door. he would not get up off the sofa. I asked what had happened, and he replied that he heard it again. He said that [Matty} my son was in there playing with the bag's. He said he asked him to come out and he just got louder.

then one last thing I can feel him in the house. we have a fire place and lately when ever we put on a fire log the start of the fames stays green not red or orange GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if anyone has any information of this or if this is what I think that it is then PLEASE E-MAIL ME I realy would like to know!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for reading this
tina Heazeltine

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