Road to Nowhere: Unknown location

hi this is my freeky story, i live in a small town where nothing much happens so driving around is usualy what we end up dooing. we have a specific rought that we always dorve on, very familar to us etc. well one night we were driving on our local route buy our state park (wich is supposidly haunted) and we went to turn down this street we had been down a million times before. so we are driving and driving and it took us a while to realize that there were no houses or anything on the road. and we knew that there were lots of houses on the road we were supposto be on. anyways the road started to get narrower and the sides of the road became steep like we were driving between two huge hills so we both started to freak out and i was yelling for her to turn around and we had to do like a 5 point turn to get going the other way because the road was so narrow(completly un like the wide 2 lane road we were supposto be on) so we turn around and get to the end of the street and we took a quick right and a nother right on to the street we were supposto be on. we went back the next day to see if there was a road that we some how misses buy there was not. there are no other right turns at all!!!!! no paved roads nothing? so my question is where the fuck was i going and what was at the end of that road???

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