Angels are Real:Phoenix AZ

My story starts in Phoenix AZ were I was getting ready to depart to Tucson for the week, I went on ahead and finished getting everything ready, checked the car, and then I began on my way, well it was about 7:30pm when I finally arrived at a newly built motel, I went on in and booked a room for the night, the only room she had available was on the third floor, when I got up there I didn't even take my pants off I was so tired, I just layed down and went to sleep. Well here's were it gets weird, I never ever wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, well this night was different, when I woke up it was about 4:25am, I went on into the bathroom and while I was doing my business I heard a woman yelling, it wasn't a cry for help yell, just a yell, I walked out of my room and looked down the hall to see a door, I walked over to the door to listen and heard nothing, by then I was getting cold and decided to go back to the room, about two doors away from my room I heard the yell again, I turned around quickly to notice a woman standing by the door naked, she started yelling at me telling me it's all my fault, she started walking towards me and when she got about three feet away from me I then started to walk backwards, I was trying to calm this lady down before she woke the rest of the place up but she kept on walking and yelling, well after about 15 steps I had to stop because I was pinned up against the wall, she then said something else before turning around and walking back towards her room, before she got there three other people had opened there door to see what the problem was, now I was embarrased because all these people see is a naked woman who just got done yelling at some guy, well after the people went back into there room I took a deep breath and took two steps foward to go back towards my room, before I got there I turned around and noticed that were I was standing was the steps to go downstairs, I know for a fact that I could not for the life of me back up anymore, and I knew that I was back up into a wall, I feel that it was an angel or something stoping me from falling, to make the night even worse, the police showed up and I had to tell them the same story, but I left the stairs part out.

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