Haunted Dr's Office :toronto ontario

My name is andrew carson and i live in toronto ontario, i am 13 years old and a swear my house is haunted. It is a bungalo that once housed a doctor's office in the basement. The first experience i had was when i was 3 years old in my bedroom on the main floor. I just lay down to sleep, nervous in the dark as any young child would be when i heard a russle come from a pile of clothes in front of my bed, i looked to see a brownish form that looked sort of like a half human, half bird like thing without wings (i still have a drawing that i made when i was little, i'll scan it for you). everyone had gone to sleep so i sat there petrified trying to call for my mom but no words came out. it disappeared but then (this does sound lame), some of the clothes flew across the ceiling and down the opposite wall, i screamed and i saw the figure for a split second floating in the air.

every night i saw the apparition but only for a fraction of a second. less than a year later i was lying in my new bed upstairs with one of my stuffed animals. i held it tight and i heard a heart beat! then i pulled away and it pulled away from me. i screamed AGAIN. i keep that doll in a closet now.

later on i heard a voice whisper my name, everyone else was downstairs watching tv so it couldn't of been anyone i know. then it asked me to come in my parent's room which was next to mine. i said what? who are you? mom? dad? and it didn't answer.

currently i see very non-descript figures entering various rooms in my house, thinking it's a family member or friend i walk in to find nobody there!!!

Jayz note: Thanks for the great story Andrew

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