Ghost with a Sweet Tooth:suburbs of Phila

Jayz note: Here is a story i received a few weeks ago.
It also includes updates on the occurances in her Aunts House.


My name is Marie I am writing to you because of my aunt for the past 4 or 5 months she has been placing candies on her dining room table at night before she goes to bed in the morning she wakes to find them missing with no explantion she lives alone and no one has acess to her house. Lately because she has been afraid she placed the candies down again only this time she wrapped it in her rosariey beads to find the next morning the candies were gone and the rosary were left straight with the cross facing up.

We have ruled out anyone coming into her home, and if it were a mouse wouldn't it leave paper around? How this all started was before she went to bed on night she placed a cough drop on her table I don't know why I guess if she needed it she would know where to look but when she got up it was gone, she did the same thing the next night and again it happend she did it for a few weeks before she told me about it for fear I would think she was looseing it. She has since started leaving other candies around and everynight the same thing . She put the rosary beads out because she was scared she is very religious and I do believe in after life and ghosts and just wanted to get some input from a professional point of view to show her she's not crazy and I don't feel she has anything to be afraid of. Nothing else in her house has every been touched

I do have something to add to the story the other night my aunt's neighbor asked her to put out his dead wifes rosary beads around the candy the next morning she woke and could not find the beads she looked all over and finally found them in the sofa her's were not touched

Jayz note: Thanks for the great story Marie

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