Ouija and the phantom car:Byron, NY

A couple months ago, my friend had been playing with a ouija board,and summoned a demon calling himself Hello. It told him that it was friendly, and wanted to meet as many of his friends as possible. Well, my friend had told me some pretty ridiculous things, and I thought he was nuts. I decided to see things for myself. On Friday the 13th of this year I finally met him. Another friend of mine was standing in the middle of the street outside my house ranting and raving like a lunatic " Gut me like a fish, and take my soul." After he left, we stayed outside for a while. At precisely 12:20 AM headlights moved in from the distance at a slow pace. When it reached us, we were horrified. The car was pitch black, so black that it barely seemed there, the heat rippled off the licence plate so badly that I couldn't make out what it said. The engine howled like a werewolf, and the windows were so dark that you wouldn't be able to see inside had it been daylight. I turned white as a ghost. This happened consecutively every night for three months, beeping three times as it passed us at 12:20 AM. My family heard howling and rattling every night. We saw ghastly eyes staring at us out of the middle of nowhere. I was praying that my friend would never touch this so called "game" again. I was at my wits end. I thought to seek help from the church. My pastor wasn't sure he could help, so I called my cousin up. He said nothing could scare him, because he had god on his side. Well, we waited outside for a while, and then some strange noise came out of the distance. The corn in our field had begun to part and a terible howling noise errupted. As it got closer and closer, we thought we were dead. We headed for the house. As we neared the house, the strangest thing happened. My cousin had tossed his cigarette on the ground, and it got up and walked away. I am not full of shit, there are at least ten people that witnessed these particular happenenings, but this was not the end. On the 30th of October, our brand new typewriter kept writing 666, and weird looking symbols. It continued even after we had unpluuged it.All of the bells in the house began ringing and would not stop. Finally we'd had enough. My brother smashed the typewriter to bits, and threw out all the bells in the house. We sat and prayed for it to go away, and attempted to cast the demon out. We haven't had anything strange happen lately, but that doesn't mean it's gone. My advice to anyone that wants to play with the OUIJA is to read this story first, and think twice about it.

David N. Taplin
Byron, NY

Jayz note: Thanks for the story

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