Ghost in the Hallway:Unknown Location

My family and I have always had some kind of strange power to be able to see things other people normally don't. I don't know if other people are like this or not but sometimes it bothers me. For one I see faces in strange places like wood patterns such as doors or just about anything the TV screen when it goes blank or old photos faces that are not supposed to be there I some times scan pictures for friends or relatives and find things in the back ground.
Well, one evening I was sleeping in the living room with my two daughters and my grand daughter they were down with the flue and I decided to sleep in there because I could keep an eye on all of them at the same time. Well, just as we got settled down for bed we saw something what seemed to be floating down the hall way I was facing the doorway to the hall and could see a ways down to the right down the hall. This thing was very large about nine feet tall is floated it was not solid sort of like a smoke or steam kind of white or very light gray my daughter sat up and said Mom! What was that going down the hall way? I just sat there with my eyes wide open and said I don't know go back to sleep but she said no Mom I saw it I wasn't sleeping it was floating I'm scared. The funny thing about it is that it really didn't scare me I did feel threatened by it just surprised. But things kept happening.

Jayz note: Thanks for the story

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