Little Boy's Promise:Arkansas

My name is john and i am 26 years old, my story takes place in the back hills of Arkansas when i was only four years old.I was playing with my friend Mathew that lived across the creek from my aunts house when we decide to cross the road with out an adult with us. It was to be the last time we saw each other or so I thought.. he was hit by a log truck that just came around the bend without a warning and hit Mathew head on cuaseing him to be thrown down the side toward the creek ,as i stood there screaming his father and mother came running out to see what had happened and saw me pointing to my friend. They ran down and grabbed him out and as he lay there in his arms he was scared that his parents' would be lonely without him so he promised them that he would never leave them again and to keep his chair by the fire place for he would be there every night..they said ok but did not believe in ghost and a year had gone by and they decided it was time to leave the mountains and go else where. As they were packing their truck they noticed that their son's rocking chair was moving and ask if I had played with it to make it move .I said no from the front yard. Then to their amazement a little voice called out i promised i would be back. And to this day he is still there and so is his parents sitting by the fire and rocking.

Jayz note: Thanks for the story

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