Little Girl:Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

I am from a small town called Frederick Maryland which is very close to the panhandle of West Virginia. My ghostly story takes place in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, up by the famous " Jefferson Rock" which overlooks the river. A few friends and myself whom we consider ourselves to be amature ghost hunters, decided to go night hiking in Harpers Ferry. This time we decided to take a different path then the one we usually take which is up all the stairs. We decide this time to take the non staired path up behind the wax musem and by the root cellars. As we passed the church on the top of the moutain there on our way up to "Jefferson Rock", I felt something tugging on my hand. I looked over at my friends and none of them were holding my hand... I looked down at my hand and there stood a little girl all dressed in white holding onto my hand and a puppy walking next to her. As we continued up to Jefferson Rock, the little girl was still holding onto my hand following my every move. I know she was a ghost but I never once felt afraid of her. Since that one time, my friends and myself have been night hiking numerous times and have encountered nasty spirts as well as the nice one's like the little girl all dressed in a long white 19th century gown. Some of the " meaner" spirits have played tricks on us, such as breaking a flash light, tossing my friend down and hill and tree branches falling on top of us. I never did find out anything about this little girl, and I am still looking for information on her... I hope to someday find out who she is and why she is such a warm feeling ghost. I have a lot more of these stories but I don't want to take up someone else's stories. All I can say is night hiking is a lot of fun in Harpers Ferry and once you do it, you'll become addicted to it as my friends and myself have.

Jayz note: Thanks for the story

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