The poltergeist:Austrailia

hi.. i was just reading a story on your page, the poltergeist one under the tennessee heading, and id just like to say , i had something very similar happen to me, i was about 13 or so at the time, and we had moved into a old hear my mum, my sisters, calling my name, i would go out to see what they wanted and they never knew what i was talking about.. after a while i completely ignored it, and then would get into trouble when someone was really calling me:) i used to hear my mum or someone calling me when i was alone too.. and this house was on a farm.. no other houses around for miles.. so i knew i was alone.. it never scared me tho.. i thought it kind of annoying most times.. the farm had two houses on it.. right next to each other.. the house we were living in, and an older cottage next to it.. it was used to store spare furniture and stuff in.. we had to go outside to get rainwater.. all of us kids hating doing it at night, because the water tank was right next to the old cottage, and it was up against the side, and there was this window there... ANYONE who ever went near that window got the chills.. everyone hated it.. us kids hated it especially tho, we would go out there at night, walk really slowly to the water tank, shove the water container under the tap, turn it on.. jump back really quickly.. wait for it to fill.. shut off the tap really fast, grab the water and RUN back to theother house.. it was just that one window at the cottage that freaked us out.. that and the back room *which is where the window was* we just always felt like someone really mean and really mad was watching us everytime we went near it.. even people who came over *even adults* said that they didnt like that window. once when i was home alone, i had gotten a drink, and then put my glass on the counter, as i was walking from the kitchen, i heard a smash, and turned around the glass was broken on the floor.. and i KNEW i had put it practically in the middle of the counter.. there was no way it couldve fallen onto the floor... but it did.. i also couldnt bear going down the hallway, at any time.. if i had to go to the bathroom, i would pelt downthe hallway and run into the toilet and slam the door closed, and then make a mad dash back the nice part of the house... a lot of other weird things happened there.. but i think ive taken enough of your space and time for now:) after we moved.. my gran told me that a little boy had died of polio in my bedroom, years ago.. i guess that could explain some of the happenings.. feel free to write me if you want to know anything more... i know this isnt a eastern usa story.. but just reading that other girls story, it seemed similar to my own so i posted it... im from australia..

Jayz note: Thanks for the story

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