The Pesky Spirit:Maryland

I was lying in bed one night, I had been asleep, but a noise woke me up. I was just lying there, in a pitch black room. A little bit of light was coming in from the window. I could barely see. Then, I bean hearing creaking noises, then some tapping. my book bag was hanging on my bedroom door, and it began swinging back and forth. I forgot about the article I read about ghosts in the news paper, it said if you get scared by ghosts, to picture gods light around you. I forgot all about that. then, i guess it went over to my desk, and pushed off my keyboard and monitor. i screamed and jumped out of bed and tried to open the door, but it wouldn't open. then, i guess it was laughing at me, and went over to my bookshelf and took a book off about ghosts and flipped through the pages. I told me friend about it, and she said it was probably laughing at me, and that it must be something my ancestors had done. Then, it through my book on the ground. She said that now it was probably getting angry at me, it tossed books of my shelf, then, it went over to me dresser and began throwing close out of the door. it got really dark, and by now, i was hiding in my blanket, lying down next to the door screaming at it "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" my friend said it is mad at me, and it will haunt me until i help it. I'm so scared now. I sleep on the floor in me sisters room, it only happens when i am alone, and i'm the only one home right now. And one time, at night i was out on my deck with my dog, i thought i saw a pair of eyes in the yard getting closer and closer. I got scared and ran inside, where my mom and dad were cooking. then, i heard my dog bark and cry, and she was at the door, jumping up and whining. I let her in and she ran up and went under my parents bed. it was so scary.

Jayz note: Thanks for the story

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