The Porcelin Clown:Austin,Texas

Hello my name is Cody and iI have an amazing but scary story ok this happened to me two years ago when i was in fifth grade ok this is how it goes.

The Porcelin Clown

One day I was bored so I went to my friends house and she was selling some of her old dolls and I had some money so I bought a porcelin clown that was so cute after that it got dark so I went home.I laid the clown on my shelf towards my bed then I laid down to go to sleep then I realized I couldn't sleep something was bothering me so I slightly put the blanket over my mouth and was quiet.After a while I heard something drop to the floor and then something scattering across the floor then at the edge of my bed I heard a slight baby cry then whatever was on the floor jumped on my leg and wouldn't let go so I tried to scream but I couldn't I was in shock so I kicked my leg and whatever that was fell and started running then I ran into my parents room freaking out. The next day the clown was facing the other way.I got rid of it the next day.

Jayz note: Thanks for the story

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