Union cemetary:Connecticut

Union cemetary is located on the corner of rte 57 and the connecting street to rte 25. there is a woman there who has been haunting this area, amongst 2 other cemetaries for over 80 yrs, that is what professionals believe. i myself did not believe til one nite....
it was after halloween when all the raucious and hysteria of ghosts and witches were quite going out of style, you would say. it was about 12:30 am and there was bitter cold in the air. no snow, no wind. all you see is your breath crystalizing in mid air. it was my cousin, and myself just exploring outside the metal old rustic fence and we were talking about what we did that day and so forth. i had my tape recorder with me and there is a part of the cemetary that is quite old. there is plots dating back to the 1800's to early 1900's. there is even one plot that if you look with your naked eye you can see an outline of a person's adbomen. i was standing on the outside of the cemetary {since the people are no longer allowed inside the cemetary after dark, back then} there was on the other side, the stump of a tree. i placed the recorder down and began to record. now it's just my cousin and i there. no one else and i have told her not to say anything since i want to see if i could pick up any voices from the other side. while standing there, i began to talk to the white lady. she's quite famous there. she's known on sightings as well as unsolved mysterious. i began to ask for her to come out, "come out white lady, show yourself", " hello, is there anyone here?" at this time a police officer shows up with a few researchers. i left the recorder there, still recording and started talking to the police officer. now the distance from where i was talking and the recorder was a good 200 feet. a bit later, i went back for the recorder, thinking it might of stopped since it was a while and began to rewind and while i was rewinding the officer wanted to know what i was doing. i began to tell him how i was fascinated in hauntings and he began to tell me he didnt' believe in any of it. i told him, i would never disrespect the dead, and abide by connecticut laws and would not trespass. when the tape finally rewinded, i began to listen as the police officer was talking to my cousin, i told them to be quiet since i heard a voice. a faint voice at first, then a very clear child like voice. the cop freaked and said who was that? it was quite clear that it was a child and not some teenager.
I told him i just got this from the cemetary as he saw me pick it up from union on the stump. he was flabergasted, turned white and decided to go. i think i freaked him out. meanwhile, the child, i later called her sarah, was saying, turn the lights off , turn the lights off. that is because you hear a truck go by and they had to turn, so at that point you hear me saying, come out white lady... while sniffeling. i was scared to death as i realized this ghostly like voice was next to me.... next to me. wow, what made her come next to me? when i went back to the cemetary and did the same thing, i was asking her to tell me her name. to show herself. but there was no response , no apparitus, nothing. i said to her, that i was calling her sarah. do you know that about a few months later it was the beginning of spring and i came upon a book called " connecticut ghosts" and in there stated before the schoolbus rider law that every vechicle must stop at a stopped school bus, was in effect that 3 little girls was killed on that very corner where union cemetary is and one of the girls name was sarah. hmmm... makes you think huh?
later on, i wouldn't give up. i wanted to see her, i wanted to talk to her. she appeared before me with her mother by her side, and she had this doll. it looked like holly hobbie at first. but it wasn't that clear. mostly foggy but i could tell it was my little girl sarah that spoke right near me and she just smiled at me and nodded her head and she turned away with her mom and disappeared. from that point on, i would never doubt there is no such things as ghosts.

Jayz note: Thanks for the story

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