The poltergeist: California

This is a story about my first experience with a poltergeist ghost. I think I was 8 or 9 at the time and my sister was 12 or 13. I went out shopping with my mom, when we came back my mom went to go change. I found my sister reading a book about ghosts we had , she told me that she was reading about poltergeists and started to tell me a little about them. She told me that they were very noisy ghosts, there most common behaviors were that they like to turn the television on and off and switch the lights on and off. After this I was a little shaken up. I then went to the bathroom to change , so i went through a small hallway to get there, and my sister could see my actions clearly. When i turned on the lights to the hallway they went on and off ! i started to scream and ran back to the couch where my sister was sitting, I could see that my sister was speechless. We both looked at eachother shocked while flipping the pages of the book to try to find something to get rid of a poltergeist get rid of a poltergeist, we tried everything. Me then being a smart mouth said, " you stupid ghost i don't care if you create a rain storm". After that me and my sister calmed down a little and turned on the t.v to hear a rainstorm just recently hit northern california! Me and my sister started to laugh so hard even though we were both shaking inside. I then went back to the bathroom, I would have to go sometime. While I was in there I felt a a strong wind circle me . To this day i still wonder about that night. What do you think ghost or coincidence?

Jayz note: Thanks for the story,

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