Spooky Dream: St. Louis, Missouri

Four nights ago I had a really creepy dream and I have no idea what to think about it. Okay, in my dream i was at a party just walking around and everything was completely normal, then i blinked my eyes and in the room i was standing in, the walls and ceiling were dripping blood, and everyone in the room was covered with blood and they all had stab wounds, and on the coffee table in the center of the room was a huge knife with blood all over the blade and the handle. I ran into the next room over and the walls were covered with blood in there too, and also the people, but no stab wounds and no knife, Then i ran up the stairs and into another room where i saw my dad, he asked me what was wrong and i said "don't you see any of this?" while i looked around the room i was in with blood all over the place. And he said he didn't see anything, then i turned and saw "you're dead" written in blood on one of the walls, i ran out and into the bathroom, which was steamy, like someone had just taken a shower, and in here the walls had blood on them too, written on the mirror were the words "you can't get away from me" and then i blinked my eyes again and written on the mirror was "I'm gonna get ya" . now here's what really creeps me out, and i know i was awake now, I'm sure of it, i opened my eyes and i was laying in my bed, and there was blood all over my walls and ceiling and it was dripping onto me and my bed, and i could smell it too. then i blinked my eyes once more and it was gone but i could STILL smell the blood.

Jayz note: Thanks for the story,

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