Poltergeist:Chattanooga, Tennessee

I'm a 15 year old female from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I would like to share some of the things that have happened to me that I think are strange and I believe may be related to a poltergeist. I'm pretty reasonable and not easily scared and I know how strange all of this stuff sounds but who knows. I've read a little about poltergeists and they are supposed to be mischievous ghosts that make noise and like to play sorts of pranks usually on teenagers. When I was about 9 my best friend and I starting noticing weird things happening when we were at her house. It started with little things that kinda freaked us out but we didn't think much about like lights turning on and off and doors closing by themselves, and bangs and noises we couldn't explain. One night when I was over at her house we were supposed to meet one of our friends down the street and we were going to be gone for a while so we made sure we turned the lights off in her room so her mom wouldn't get on to us. When we got outside at the end of her driveway we turned around and her lights were on. It was dark outside so we could see it very clearly. She looked at me and said "I thought you turned the light off!" and I said I did. We thought maybe it had been her older sister or mom but we could see both of them through the front window in the living room watching TV just as they were when we had walked out the door. No one else was in the house. When we got home we asked her mom and sister about it and they were clueless. This is the weirdest thing that ever happened over there. It was her birthday and she was having a slumber party and we all decided to tell ghost stories. One girl told a story about a bear that hid under the bed and ate children (we were 9, ok) and used one of my friends stuffed bears as a prop. When she was through with her story, everyone else was going to eat and my friend and I weren't hungry. We decided to go outside and sit on her swing out in the yard. We took some cheese and cokes on a tray out with us just in case we got hungry. We also decided to take the bear that was used for the story just as a joke. When we got out there we set the tray under the swing with the bear on top of it. We were out there about 30 minutes then decided it was getting cold so we were going to go in. She reached down to get the tray and it and the cheese and cokes were still there but the bear was gone! We thought at first someone was playing a trick on us but no one had been outside and it was fall anyway and dry leaves were all around so we would have heard someone or something trying to sneak up on us. We also considered it might have been a dog (she didn't have any) but the cheese was still there and again, we would have heard it. We looked the next day and still NEVER found the bear. This might sound silly to you but if it happened to you I promise you wouldn't think it was so silly. I wasn't really sure if the poltergeist liked to tease her or me until recently when stuff started happening to me at my house. I very distinctly hear my mom calling me a lot and when I go into the next room to see what she wants she has no clue what I'm talking about. I also have a bathroom in my room and often I hear my toilet seat slam for no apparent reason. The other day I was in the shower and my light shut off, stayed off for about 5 seconds, then cut back on. I lock my door when I'm in the shower so I know that no one was in there but me. I swear that everything I have said is the truth and I also have witnesses to most of it.

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