Guardian Angel: New Mexico

I've got another chilling story from my mom. Very true story... I was 11 years old at that time. My older sister was 13. One night she was going to spend the night at her friends house and I was so excited to hear this news, because you see, this was my time to finally sleep on her large bed. She was very strict with her things and her room was OFF LIMITS! But not on this night. I had asked my little brother (7) if he wanted to join me, he did. Well, it was time for bed and we fell asleep snuggly and proud. It was late in the night, everybody was already asleep. I awoke to a strange noise in the room. I was reluctant to open my eyes, but when I did, I saw this tall man, about 6 feet tall, standing at the side of the bed. He was a true ghost! I was so terrified, I couldnt move an inch. I was frozen in place. This ghost was white from head to toe. His hair was white, his mustache, his skin. He was wearing a white suit with a white carnation. It was creepy to see him standing there. What was even creepier was when he looked at me and sat next on my sister's bed. I could actually feel the weight of his body come down next to me and I could hear the springs squeak underneath the mattress(my sister had an old bed). I pulled the covers over my head and I started to cry. I was so afraid to speak, to call to my mother in the next room. I finally got the guts to yell out to her... "Mom, mom please come in here, there's a ghost in here!" My mom woke up and yelled out "Go back to sleep, you're just imagining things!" I was NOT imagining this. I called out to her again but she would'nt come. I was losing air under the blankets but was too afraid to move a muscle. I finally tried to nudge my brother awake but he wouldn't respond. I even pinced him hard a couple of times, but nothing. I guess the ghost heard me crying because he brushed his hand over my head, I could actually feel his hand on my head! He spoke to me!!! "Shhhhh, Don't be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you." I don't know how, but I finally managed to fall asleep, breathing through a very small hole in the blankets. I awoke again, afraid to peek over the blankets, but when I did, HE WAS STILL THERE! The terror in me was too. This time he was sitting in a corner chair next that my sister had near her bed. He was still looking at me. I fell asleep again. This time when I woke up, it was morning and he was gone. I immediately ran to where my mother was and cried to her asking her why she didn't believe me when I called to her the night before. She still didn't believe what I saw. I took her to my sister's room and showed her where he was sitting. She got these tears in her eyes because she actually saw where he sat, due to the pile of clean laundry she had neatly folded and put on that corner chair the previous night. She told me he may have been my Guardian Angel.

Jayz note: Thanks for the story,

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