Signs in the Snow

Several years ago my husband came home with a story that he hesitated to tell because he thought he had imagined it. My grandfather owned some property on the Gasconade River in Missouri. It went to my father and our family has a clubhouse there. The property is used for hunting, especially deer. My grandfather used to tell my husband that there was a site on the property where Indians made their camps because it was on a bluff with a clear view up and down river and also into a creek that runs through. Apparently there were a lot of arrowheads and ax heads found all over the site. Once my husband was walking along through the woods. He stopped to rest, looked down and there was an arrowhead on the ground(as though it had just been dropped, not embedded in the dirt). Anyway, here's the rest of his story: He went to the property alone during one of the last weeks of bow season and climbed into the stand before light. A wet, heavy snow was falling and even though the temperature was not cold enough for it to last long, it was enough to coat the branches and there were maybe two inches on the ground. As Dale was sitting there watching the snow, he heard a tapping noise. He looked into the woods and saw an old man with long, gray hair ,wearing pants and a tan shirt of some sort. He was standing next to a tree not too far away and had been tapping the tree with a stick to get Dale's attention. He sort of smiled and touched his head as if to say hello and then stepped back behind the tree. Dale sat there awhile and began to wonder if he had fallen asleep and dreamed it. After a little bit, he decided to climb down and look for the man. This area is very rural and there are just a few old farms around so it is unusual to see anyone. He worried that it might have been someone with Alzheimer's who had wandered off without a coat or anything. He walked over to the tree and saw the stick lying on top of the ground, but there were no footprints in the snow anywhere around the tree. What do you think?

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