The Civil War Battle :

The Civil War Battle

I am a true ghost beleiver but I' ve never really seen one before, UNTIL LAST WEEK! I was at the Gettysburg battlefield. I was just taking a hike through the area where Pikett made his famous charge. I was getting pretty tired and it was late so I decided to spend the night there. Luckily I had a sleeping bag in my backpack. I settled down and was almost asleep when I heard booms in the distance. I thought it might be thunder so I began to pack up and head home. As I was packing I looked over at a clump of trees and saw figures all in a line. There were thousands of them! I could barely make out a Confederate flag that one a them was holding. Then they began to march towards me. For some reason I just stood there. I stood there so long they past right through me. Moments after they past I heard and saw thousands of little flashes (musket fire). After a few minutes of that thousands of Confederate soldiers came hobbleling back to the clump of trees. I could here Union troops in the distance shouting Fredrieksburg. And then it dissapeared. I ran like heck back to my car and told myself never to come back again.

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