Haunted Cabin: Gatlinburg, Tn

Ghost Story from Gatlinburg
by bgiles@roman.net

My husband and I decided to get away for a weekend in January of 1997. I made reservations at some cabins we'd seen on a prior visit. They were new cabins and looked really nice. When we arrived everything seemed fine-The owners were friendly and the cabin was beautiful. It had a livngroom/kitchen area downstairs with a bedroom, bath and jacuzzi. The upstairs loft also had a bedroom and bath. We decided to sleep in the loft. And, like I said, everything seemed fine. We went to dinner and visited the shops. When we got back it was pretty late. After we'd been ther about an hour I suddenly became violently ill. I can't explain it except I'd felt fine one minute and the next minute I was sick. The sickness lasted maybe half an hour and left me just feeling weak and tired. It was then that I began to get his really bad feeling, but I wrote it off to just being sick. I felt like something wanted us to leave. But I thought it was probably just this virus I'd picked up. SO I went up to the loft to get some sleep. My husband staid downstairs watching TV. Since it was a loft, there was just a half-wall between us (and the stairway). Later that night I heard moving around downstairs and I heard the toilet downstairs flushing. I also heard the one upstairs flush. I was groggy and just wondered why my husband was moving around so much and why he was going in BOTH bathrooms so much. But I was just dimly aware of it all at the time, like when you're barely awake. When I really woke up it was early morning and just getting light outside. I looked around the room. I saw what I believed to be my husband standing at the dresser with his back to me looking through my handbag and the other bag on the dresser. Since the other bag was like a little first aid kit, I thought he was looking for some medicine. I thought he must be sick,too. He already had his jeans on and was wearing a white thermal shirt. I started to ask him what he was looking for. When I did I moved my hand (I tend to talk with my hands) and my hand hit my husband. He was lying right beside me! I looked back at the dresser ready to scream- some man was in our room! But the man had disappeared! I woke my husband up. Everything in the bags was like we had left it. My husband asked me what was all the moving around and flushing. Was I sick all night? I told him I thought it was him. That's when we agreed this was a wierd place. But how could it be haunted? It was a new cabin! We thought about leaving, but we decided to get out and have some fun and relax a little and then see how we felt. After we got out of there things were better. We spent a day enjoying ourselves and returned that evening. But then I had the same bad feeling and WASN'T sick. We decided to listen that night and see if our minds were playing tricks on us. As soon as the lights were out we heard footsteps downstairs. My husband flipped the light on and took off downstairs. It really sounded like a person down there. Both the doors were locked and nothing was there. He came upstairs and turned out the light. There went the footsteps again and they came UP THE STAIRS. We turned on the lights. Nothing. I wanted to leave. I would've slept in the car. But he was still skeptical (HOW?) so we stayed (with a lamp on). I barely slept. All night you could hear water run, moving around, etc. Finally about daylight we were both worn out from hardly any sleep and decied to pack up and go on home. It was the day we were supposed to leave anyway. We never went back there. We've driven by it. I don't know if anyone else has had a similar experience there or not. Maybe an old cabin was there before. All I know is I WON"T stay there again.

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