Ghostly Hunter: Jax, Florida

I haven't told many people this story because i'm not sure they would believe me but 2 years ago i was a life scout and my troop went to summer camp for a week. The camp guides all told a story of a hunter that drowned in a secluded little pond down a narrow little path and the legend says that the hunter still haunts the area and shoots at people that go to look at his place of death. So of course we decided to check it out for ourselves, so one night me and two of my fellow scouts snuck out of our campsite and took the narrow path with only one flashlight, well right when we got there we didn't see anything so my friend started tossing rocks into the little pond, and nothing happened so we started walking back up the trail, when we got about 30 feet up the trail we heard what sounded like a gunshot so we turned back to see what it was. (here comes the part that i have never understood) When we got back down there i swear that we saw a man glistening wet with a gun aimed our way standing in the middle of the pond and he was moaning something but we couldn't make it out. Well, right when we saw this we all three took off back up that little trail and never went back.

Jayz note: Thanks for the story, I dunno about you all but i would have been scared to death. A ghost and a Gun not a good combo =)

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