Ghost by my Bed: Oklahoma

I live in Oklahoma. When I was younger my family lived in a house on our farm. We built it when I was born. There is a large wheatfield in the back that connects to a local cematary. I was probably about five years old when this occurence I'm about to tell you happened. I was asleep in my room when something suddenly woke me up. This is very unusually because when I was younger almost nothing woke me up once I was asleep. I turned over and saw a man standing by my bed. The man was wearing a baseball cap and a t- shirt with blue jeans. Then all of the sudden he vanished. I was so frightened that I froze and finally went to sleep. The next morning my my mother and father were getting me ready for school when I said "Last night I saw a man standing by my bed" they looked at each other with wierd looks and just said I was probably dreaming. But I knew I wasn't. My parents divorced and my dad now lives in the house with his wife and my some of my siblings. I visit on weekends and usually stay the whole summer. I had had know more visits from the man in the cap for over nine years. I was down visiting and it was late summer. The field was plowed and it was sunset. The field faces west so the sun was setting off a golden glow to things. I was in my room staightening up when i looked out the window and saw a figure silouetted against the sun. It was a figure of a women in a cape that seemed to bilow out in the breeze. I ran out to the deck to try and get a better view but when I got there the figure was gone. I have many more stories if you would like to hear them.

Jayz note: Thanks for the story

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