Haunted Car: N.J.

It happened to two aunts, I'll call them Sara and Sylvia. It involves the car of my other aunt, Ann and her husband. Sara moved to N.J. to work as her husband planned to move them all to the tri-state area from California (from a haunted house, the other haunting).

She bought the new Camry from my uncle so she'd have transportation to work and back. At the time, she lived with Ann and her husband because she hadn't found a place for her family yet and they were waiting for the school year to end.

It was a brand new 1996 Camry, never driven by anyone but my uncle.

She hated driving it. She didn't tell anyone why until she agreed to drive Sylvia from work to her house since it was on her way home, anyway.

The very first and last time she drove Sylvia home, Sylvia had looked in the rear-view mirror because she felt a shiver up her spine. She saw a young woman with malevolent eyes looking at them. She totally freaked! Sylvia turned and looked in the back seat and she was still sitting in the back.

She asked Sara if she saw her and Sara said yes, she had. Several times. And many more times, she felt it. Sylvia never sat in the car again.

When Sara had to move back because her husband died unexpectedly the next year, January, she sold the car.

I don't know if the new owner ever felt or saw anything in that car.

Jayz note: Thanks for the story

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