A visit from my Sister?: Olympia, WA

I pretty much grew up in this old farm house my grandparents own and rented it out to my parents. Its a big house with 4 bedrooms. Three bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs, I had the one downstairs cause I'm the oldest and the Master bedroom was upstairs for my parents. Well we moved into this house when I was in the 5th grade and all of a sudden I becamed very paranoid since moving into this house. I used to lock my bedroom door with the skeleton key and put a crutch underneath the door knob so no one would enter my room. My mom didn't like this and would tell me to keep my door open cause I'm a deep sleeper and if there was a fire there would be no way to get me out of the house. Well, sometimes I would get away with locking my door. One particuliar night when I was 16, I thought my sister came into my room in the middle of the night. I asked her what she was doing and she said she had a nightmare, so I said go ahead and sleep in here, mind you its dark in my room and the only light is coming from the street light thats kinda illuminates my room, where I can make out a figure. Anyways, I gave her a pillow and a blanket and preceded to roll over and go back to sleep. Well, she got down on the floor and leaned up against the bed looking at me, and started to giggle. I'm a crab, so I told her to go to sleep or leave. She continued to laugh and sway, like it was a game. I yelled at her to just leave and go back to her room. She got very angry and and picked up this ceramic egg with a bird coming out of it, that my parents got from Jaimaca. This egg was on my desk about 3 feet from my bed. I told her to put it back and leave! Then she threw it at me and it shattered on my head. Of course I got mad, I flew out of my bed and turned on the light.... And there was my door, locked with the crutch and nobody around. Did I dream that??


Jays note: Thanks for the Great Story Tawnya, I am not sure Tawnya if it was a dream or not but I am curious if the bird egg was actually broken when you got up the next morning?

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