Talk to me Grandmother: unknown location

This story is a true one that happend to my older cousin. my late grandmother raised him from 5 years old because his mom was never around. he new my grandmother better then eny of us did(when i say us im talking about all of my cousins and brothers)we all loved here but they had a special bond with here that no one els had. when she died at the age of 48 he was staying the night at my house with me and my older brother. at 1 in the morning he wake me up he was fliped out he was in a cold swet and baling his eyes out and he was 15 to i had never seem im like this before. he kept on going on about how much he loved his grandmotherso i woke my mom up and told here what was going on. she called my grandmother to tell her about my cousin but there was no answer. my mom did not worry because after all it was 1 in the morning and she thought that she was probably asleap. my cousin kept on crying wile my mom tried to comfort him. mom fimaly disided to take my cousin to my grandmothers house. when they got there they found my grandmother dead at the foot of here bed.. my cousin is 25 i still watch him everytime im at his house he sits in bed and has a conversation to the wall well as far as i can tell he is, but who knows maybe he does talk to my grandmother before he gos to bed every night.

Jays note: Thanks for the Great Story.

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