The Lady with No Face: Sarasota FL.

There was this girl about the age of 3, we moved into an old house in Sarasota FL.Her mom says just about the first night we moved in,she would run into thier room screaming and crying and saying "There is a monster lady in my room mommy!" And so she would let her get into her bed and she would stay there the rest of the night.Well one morning her mother was making breakfast and asked her what she was actually seeing in her room at night,and she would say "She had no face, a red shirt, or blood all down the front of it,and she would alwasys stand in front of my door at night and scare me!" So her mom told her that that night she would sleep in her room and whatch for it with her.Well it was about 11:30 and the little girl was already asleep,and her mother opened the door to go get in bed and she did not make a noise and the little girl (lets call her Jillian) sat straight up in bed and said "oh mommy i thought you were the monster lady"so her mother climbed into the bed and fell asleep.At about 12:30 she heard a gunshot that sounded like ot was right in the room with her. So she got up went into her room and woke up her husband and said"did you hear somthing?" and he said "just my snoring until you woke me up, now go back to bed"So she went and climbed back into her bed and fell back to sleep.Again she was woken up by the sound of somebody pounding on the door,so she ran to the door and opened it and nobody was she ignored it thinking it was her mind playing tricks on her again, the next day the land lady came over for coffee and to chat with the girls mother.And her mother brought up the strange incidents that have been happening lately, and the land lady turned white as snow.And the girls mother goes"whats wrong?"And the land lady said,"I would not tell you this if you were anyone else but before you moved in here there was an old lady who got herself drunk all the time,and she would tell me that there was a ghost in that house and nobody believed her because she was druck all the time.But also before she lived there a young lady about the age of 18 rented the house and was going to live there with her boyfriend but at the last minute he had called and said that he had changed his mind and had met sombody else and he was going to marry her.Well the girl threatned to comit scuicide if he left her and he did not believe her,so she kepy calling and calling and about 12:30 the calls stopped (at exactally the time she shot herself in the head and the same time my mother heard the gunshot) and he got worried and called the police and the police came over and pounded on the door at 2:00 in the morning(same time my mom heard the pounding) and then went next door and got the key,they found her dead in Jillian's room, shot herself in the head witch destroyed her face,( Jillian said she had no face you know)and there was blood all down her shirt ( hint hint, the red shirt.) well thats my story hoped you like it

Jays note: Thanks for the Great Story Jillian.

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