Showcase of the South: Birmingham, Alabama.

There's a pretty interesting story that has been told thru-out the years of a ghost that haunts the Alabama Theater... aka The Showcase of the South. This is a marvelous theater beautifully decorated inside. There's even an organ that comes up from under the floor and the organist plays all the great old songs the Alabama is known for. It one point the Alabama Theater was to be closed because of it's poor condition. A businessman by the name of Cecil Whitmire made it his goal to raise the necessary funds to restore the Alabama to it's original state. He also plays that organ that I spoke of. I'd love for you to talk to him about it. The story is that a man fell from the balcony to his death and that his ghost remains at the Alabama even today.

Jays note: This is a great story and i would like hear more about this theatre If you have any stories about it send them in for the rest of us to enjoy =)

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