Nightly Visitor:Erie, Pa

my family and i lived in a trailer when we got out of the service. one night i was sleeping in the front bedroom,when i woke up hearing something in the room. there was padding in the room from the new carpet we had just put down and when you walked on it it would crinkle. well this was the noise i was hearing and i thought it was my cat. when i sat up there was something staring at me from the other side of the room it was very big and very scarey. and it's breathing was very heavy also. i paniced jumped out of bed and turned the light on,having to pass by where the thing stood. but there was nothing there. after that happened wierd things started happening also. the cupboards in the kitchen would open and close and the dishes would rattle. all these things took place at night after everyone had gone to bed. and with the bedroom being off the kitchen you could hear this all night. the dog was always growling at things that weren't there. we have since sold the trailer and it's occupants to someone else.

Jays note: This Story was sent in by a friend of mine, Thank you so much for the Story Renea

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