The Lady in the Yellow Dress: Socorro, New Mexico.

 Hi my name is Cindy and I have a story to tell.  Actually I have lots more
but I'll give you one for now.
One night, my sister and my cousin were playing in my room, then suddenly
they ran to the kitchen pale-faced from what they just saw.  They told my
mom that they both saw a lady in a long yellow dress with no feet that
floated into my closet and disappeared.  Only a few people were in the
household when this happened, not everyone knew about it.
Later on that night, we were all having dinner and my step-father suddenly
got quiet and slowly looked across the room (at nothing). My mother asked
him what was the matter? And he said nothing.  
Just before my mother and my step-father were getting ready for bed, he had
told her what he saw during dinner.  He told her that he saw a lady in a
long yellow dress with no feet float across the room and into the wall.
He was one of the family members who didn't hear about my sisters and
cousins experience earlier that evening.

My sister is very sensitive to this type of stuff.
Just recently, Saturday, October 30th, the night before Halloween, she had
another experience.
She was home alone and she said that the faucet to her bathroom, near her
bedroom, turned on on its own twice.
Later on that night, her and three othere were playing cards on the kitchen
table.  She sais that the stovetop turned on by itself, the flames were
very high.  Each of them thought that they were playing tricks with one
another.  But it happen three more times after that.  The 4th time it
happened, my sister was looking out of the window and she says that she saw
the stove actually turn on through the window's glare.
Freaky huh?

Jays note: Yes i think its freaky, Have you had anymore weird experiences in the house if so we would love to hear more =)

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