The Plant Ghost:Conway SC.

I work in an assembly plant in Conway SC. Since it has been opened, a lot of people have seen the Shadow. It is a being we don't understand. You see, last year I went through a really nasty martial breakup and the pain was mad worse by the fact that I worked at the same plant as my ex-wife and her new lover. Well, it seemed strange that for no reason and out of the blue, I would have feelings of hate nand extreme anger on days when I was feeling pretty good. On one occasion, I was feeling a lot of anger and my coworker noticed the Shadow staring at me. When I turned around, he disappeared and so did my anger. One night as my coworker sat at his station, he turned to me and started complaining quiet angrily about day shifts' stupidity. He was exceptionally angry and when I looked closely, I saw the Shadow standing behind him. When he turned, the Shadow faded and so did his hostile feelings. We have both been watching and noticed a strange link between peoples moods and the Shadow. Is he feeding on hate and anger? Or is he trying to see how far a person will go before he cracks, or might he be a being who maybe revels in the bad feelings of the living? Maybe he is trying to help people deal with what bothers them? I don't know, but I just know we watch our backs at work.

Jays note: Thanks so much for the Great story

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