Friendly poltergeist?: Plymouth, Pennsylvania.

When I was 9 years old we had a series of deaths in our family. My Mom, paternal Grandfather, Uncle & Cousin died within a six month period of each other. Needless to say it was a really emotional period for my family and I. A few months after the last death, some odd happenings started occurring at our house. The first happening was all our light bulbs burnt out at the same moment. The next was, an alarm clock which wasn't set went of at 4:23 a.m. (the exact time as my moms death) repeatately for a week. The oddest part of that was when it went off her favorite song was playing. The telephone would ring at all hours with noone on the other line, just dark silence. We had dinner and the center piece flew off the table. These type of occurances happened for over a year, then just stopped. I will venture to say it was when I turned twelve that it all started again, phone ringings, lights turning on/off at the switch and then the crocheted doll... There was a family heirloom that was a little crocheted doll, this doll was always stored in a cedar chest in the spare bedroom with other family valuables. One day we came home from school and this doll was set on our dining room table in a twisted position. My father saw this and put the doll back in the cedar chest and locked the door. The following day the doll was in the living room on the couch, then on the floor of the garage. Even though the door on the cedar chest and eventually the bedroom were locked this doll would always appear. The worst part is the position of the doll would always be in an abnormal position. We finally decided to get rid of the doll. My Dad burned the doll. Life returned to normal for 6 months. One night my sister and I were watching television. I was laying on the couch and she was on the recliner. Next thing I knew the couch was rolling across the room. Well needless to say, I was completely horrified and she was frozen in fear. We jumped up to run out of the house, reached the kitchen and the refridgerator door flew open and a carton of milk flew across the room and smashed against the door. That was all we needed to see and ran the 2 miles to my grandmothers house where she calmed us down. When we went home once again and all returned to normal. Or so we thought. We always had a rather huge Thanksgiving Dinner at our house. Friends, family and even those with no place else to go. I was a junior in high school and looking forward to the Thanksgiving Dinner we were about to have. Everone was seated around the dining room table and we heard these terribly loud banging noises. The first to get up was my Dad followed by the rest of us. The noise was coming from the upstairs spare bedroom. When my Dad flew open the bedroom door noone was prepared for what we saw. The room had 3 dressers in it. Everyone of the dressers drawers were being pulled open and slammed shut at an alarming rate. This lasted for a full five minutes with us just standing there in total shock and disbelief. A few of our guests ran from the house and refused to return. We lived across the street from a church and we called the priest to see if he could come up with any explanation. None was to be found. All activity ceased after that Thanksgiving. I'm sorry to report that a few years back the house was being remodeled and a paint thinner can spontaneously combusted and the whole second floor of the home was ruined. My father built another house on the property and claims there have been no occurances since that Thanksgiving. Over the years I have questioned many people. The only answer which sounds reasonably logical is that during stressfull times especially the teen years, telekinetic activity could of caused the happenings on Cherry St in Plymouth, Pennsylvania.

Pete Habel

Jays note: Thanks so much for the Great story

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