The Little Girl: Chicago, Illinous

This story is secretly told among the woman in my family. My mother is the oldest of six, five girls and one boy. This is how the story goes. Sometime inthe fifties my mother and her family bought a home in a brand new neighborhood. The house had three bedrooms. My uncle being the only boy in the family got to have his own room. My mother and two sisters shared a room and the two babies slept in my grand parents room. Nothing much happened during the day but at night my mother and her two sisters could here my uccle talking in his sleep. They thought it was funny and giggled in their beds. One day my mother told my uncle that he talked in his sleep almost every night. My uncle was about 9 or 10 years old at the time and told my mother that he was'nt talking in his sleep. He said sometimes this little girl would appear in his room and they would talk. My mother thought he was crazy and told her sisters about it. You have to understand that my mother and her two sisters were close in age. my mother was about 11 and the two sisters were about 9and7. they all thought it was funny and told my uncle that he was making this up. To prove them wrong my uncle dared them to spend the night in his room to see this little girl. They accepted his dare and camped out in his room.During that night the three sisters were awaken by there brother. "There she is I told you she's real!" My uncle was so excited pointing figurously at a dresser were this little girl was supposed to be. my mothers and her sisters did not see anything. They were also starting to get scared because my uncle was talking to her and could not understand why his sisters could not see her. Needless to say the girls ran back to their bedroom and told their parents the next morning. My grandparents scolded my uncle for trying to scare his sisters. The subject was dropped and my uncle continued to"talk in his sleep." My grandfather had a drinking problem and often got violent with anyone who happen to be in his way. one evening my uncle was abused by my grandfather for trying to protect my grandmother from him. He went to his room crying and did not come out for the rest of the evening. the following morning my grandfather got up and took his morning shower. When he was finished he combed back his hair and turnd his back to hang his towel. Suddenly the same brush that he used , hit the back of his his head hard. My grandfather came out of the bathroom his face was so white from shock. There was no window inthe bathroom and grandma was the only one up making his breakfast. There was no way someone could have snuck into the bathroom without my grandfather seeing them. my grandma said she had never seen my grandfather look so scared. In the following days my uncle confessed to my mother that the night he was in his room crying, the little girl showed up and he told her what happend. My uncle said to my mother that the little girl was the one that hit my grandfather with the brush for hurting my uncle. to this day my uncle refuses to talk about his friend. He get's defensive and never wants to talk about her. I hope you like my story. I'm told that it is true. What do you think?

Jays note: Thanks so much for the Great story and yes from the sound of your story I believe it is true =)

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