The Man in Suite: Unknown Location

 First, let me preface my story with the fact that I am now 49-years
old.  Although I have
experienced  several encounters with, what I believe to be, someone from
the other side,
the following is the most vivid.  Over the years I have tried,
desperately, to logically
explain what happened to me, but have come to accept the fact that there
are things
that happen to us which we will never truly understand.

When I was a young girl, 13 or 14 years old, I would help my father
repair old houses
he had purchased and he would then rent them out for extra money.  He
must have bought 15 very old houses in need of repair, over a 10-year

I married when I was 18 and my parents gave my husband and I the option
of  renting one of the old houses for a very minimal amount.  Of course,
we jumped at the opportunity to have our very own home, knowing we could
decorate and do what we wanted to with it.

The house we moved into was about 75 years old with three big bedrooms
and a large living and dining area.  It still needed some repairs, so we
spent much of our free time painting and making the place presentable.
In a years time, most of the work was done and we were quite proud of
our new home.  Up to this point, there was nothing unusual I had noticed
about this house.

My husband was in sales and would leave for work around 5:00 a.m. in
order to miss the
heavy morning traffic on his way to the office.  I would usually sleep
in for another hour
or so because I didn't have to be at work until 9:00 a.m.  One morning,
after he left, I started to doze back into a slumber when I began to get
a very uneasy feeling.  Our bedroom had a door that lead into a long
hallway, but our bed was positioned so that I could only see the doorway
and not into the hall.  I had my back to the doorway, but felt someone
was watching me.  I was almost afraid to turn around and, also, afraid
not to!  I did, finally, look over my shoulder toward the doorway and
saw, what looked like a man in a suit, just standing there.  It was
still rather dark in the room, so I opened my eyes wider and sat up in
the bed, thinking I must be dreaming!  The moment I sat up, this "man"
turned and drifted down the hallway.  I say drifted because, although he
turned and went towards the hall, his feet weren't moving.  It was like
he was floating away.  I, immediately, jumped out of bed and looked down
the hall, but saw nothing.  I thought it had to be my imagination and I,
surely, must have been dreaming and just awoke at a bad time.  I
couldn't explain it and I didn't believe in silly things like ghosts!

About a week later, after my husband left for work, I began to get this
same eerie feeling.  I know I was not dreaming or asleep because I
looked at my clock on the headboard and
it read 5:49 a.m.  I slowly turned around, and there was this man
again!  I sat up and tried to scream, but nothing would come out of my
mouth.  I felt frozen and unable to move.
The moment I was finally able to move, I sat up.  He turned, slowly,
and, again, floated
down the hallway.  I really thought I was losing it.  I called my
husband, at work, and
attempted to tell him what had happened.  Of course, he thought I was
just dreaming and
told me to quit thinking about it.  Yeah, right!!

This man appeared to me almost every morning over the next year and a
half.  As long as
I didn't sit up in the bed, he would just stand in the doorway looking
at me.  No
expression, no movement.  Just stand there for several minutes.  I
memorized every detail
about him.  He wore a dark brown suit, a white shirt and a tie that had
diagonal strips of
blue and brown.  He was mostly bald, but his hair color was brown.  His
expression never changed.  His hands hung down straight on his sides and
I could never quite see his feet.  I would have to sit up to see his
feet and that is when he would disappear.  My fear finally left after
several months and I, simply, expected to see him when I awoke each
morning.  My husband never saw him and began to think I had a very vivid
imagination.  I didnít mention him to my husband anymore because he
started suggesting I see a specialist!

My parents lived two houses from us and they would visit us often.  I
mentioned this apparition to my dad a couple of times, but he too,
thought I must be dreaming.  He had bought this house from an old woman
that had lived there for many years and now lived in a nursing home.  He
said this woman called him and wanted to see what we had done to the
house.  She knew we were remodeling it and wanted to see the progress.

The following Sunday, my father went to pick Ms. Brady up from the
nursing home to visit with us.  I had baked some cookies and had coffee
and tea ready when she got there.

She was a very sweet old lady and loved what we had done with the
house.  We sat and
listened to her tell us how things were back when she was young and how
she had lived in the house over 50 years.  She began to pull out some
old pictures of how the house
looked in its younger years and, there in her wallet, was a picture that
made me lose my
breath!  The picture was of her husband and daughter some 40 years
earlier.  When she
saw the shocked look on my face, she turned to me and said, "have you
seen Joe
before"?  I searched her eyes trying to figure out what she meant.  When
I didn't answer,
she said, "you know, Joe used to visit me every morning after he died".
My eyes began
to tear up because I knew for certain I wasn't crazy and what I saw was
real!  I told her I had seen him many times in the doorway staring at
me.  She said, "oh, he's probably
wondering why you're in the bed and not me".  When I described to her
what he was
wearing, she said those were the clothes he was buried in.  She then
told me, how he died.  He was walking home from work and a streetcar
passed him going very fast.  A rock popped up from the street and hit
him in the temple.  He made it home, but told her he was going to lie
down before supper because he had a headache.  He never awoke, but died
in his sleep.  She said her daughter also died in the house and asked if
I had ever
seen her.  I told her I had not.  She said that she always set the
dinner table for three
after their deaths and saw both of them often.

I never saw "Joe" after that day.  He never again appeared to me
anywhere else in the
house.  Mrs. Brady died about a year after our visit.  I hope they are
together and happy.

To this day, I will never doubt anyone's word about seeing a ghost.  I
know how real Joe
was to me.

Jays note: Thanks so much for the Great story

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