Ghostly Shadows : Clay Alabama

I have lived in my house for almost seven years with my Mom, sister, and brother. About four years ago me and my sister were the only ones home and we were up stairs in our room. She was playing barbies and I was reading a book, and all of a sudden a metal coat hanger came flying across the room out of the closet and came about 3 inches from my face. Nothing happened after that for quite some time. Then about a month ago strange things started happening again. My mom noticed it first. She was on the computer and me and my brother and sister were all asleep upstairs. She heard a noise coming the foyer, she turned to look in the kitchen and saw a tall white figure (like a shadow) pass really fast through the kitchen. She kept her eye on the kitchen as she yelled "Who's up?" She walked in the kitchen and no one was there. I noticed it next. I was with my mom downstairs and I heard footsteps upstairs and we were the only ones home...then we heard the water running. That night we had been talking about the "ghost" and we went to bed at about 11:00, keep in mind my sis and bro. are still gone (to spend the night with my dad), and all the lights were off and I was laying in my bed and my door was open. I heard footsteps and the floor creak, I thought it was my mom trying to scare me. I kept saying " I'm not seven anymore, I'm 15, I'm not scared 'ghosts' anymore mom." She yelled from across the hall, "What are you talking about?" Then the hall lights started flickering on and off. I yell several times for her to stop and she was telling me to get in the bed and quit playing with the lights. I got up really fast and ran through the hall to see if it was my mother, it wasn't. I ran in her room and she said she thought I'd been playing with the lights. The first thing that came to my mind was " If it wasn't me or her, who or WHAT was it?" Throughout the week strange things happened, little things like stuff was moved and so forth. Then my mom came home for lunch one day and went in the bathroom, the door was cracked about 4 inches. She saw a large shadow figure pass by the door. She got up immediately and looked all downstairs, no one was there. Then I came home from school and I got in the shower and I was washing my hair when I saw an arm-like shadow on the wall. I always keep the bathroom door locked so it couldn't have been anyone in the house. I'm not sure it could be. I just want it gone...

Jays note: Thanks so much for the Great story

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