Friendly Spirit

My sister and brother in law bought an old house that they were going to remodel and fix up. My sister did some research into the house's history and she found out that it was built in the early 1900's. Well anyway, I was sleeping over there one night and I set up my bed on the downstairs couch. I was getting ready to fall asleep when I heard a clicking noise...I ignored it and tried to fall asleep. All of the sudden the ceiling fan turned on. I got freaked out. I just figured that maybe it was an electric thing. The next morning, my sister came downstairs and asked if I was hot. I said no and she said then why did you turn on the fan. I told her that i didn't and i explained my theory about the electric thing. She said no because the switch for the fan had been flipped to the on position. I never touched the switch..

Jays note: Thanks so much for the Great story

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