A tale of the Ouija board : Staten Island NY

my story is one i never told anyone, i have been to afraid to tell it, about nine years ago when i was 15 some of my friends and i were playing with a ouija board, of course we were making it move and joking about it saying this was all bullsh*t it doesnt work, my friend and i took it next, for some reason we really concentrated on it and we did encouter an entity, we asked it all kinds of questions and it answered us but it didnt seem to like me, it spelled out cross, meaning i had a cross on that my grandfather had given my grandmother about 50 years before, we asked it if it wanted me to remove it it went crazy pointing to yes, me being a smart ass said f you i aint taking this off, after that the spirit stopped talking to us, we put the board away. that night i heard noises in my closet being a little scared i grabbed the board and broke it in half, i went out side and threw it in the garbage. about an hour later i was awakend by the sounds of terrible winds and garbage cans flying all over outside, i tried to sit up but i couldnt move all of a sudden i felt a heavy weight on me as if someone was laying on top of me, i couldnt scream, then i felt this cold "breath" on my face, i was so scared i didnt know what to do, i started making the sign of the Cross over and over, and saying Jesus protect me, St. Joseph protect me, then it stopped. I have never since played with ouijas and never felt another presence.

Jays note: I know that the Ouija board is marketed as a toy in most stores but I believe this is very misleading.. I have had one bad experience due to the Ouija board it was not quite as dramatic as this story but it was still pretty scary at the time. I have also heard of many bad experiences related to the Ouija board. So if you have one please be careful because who knows what kind of spirit is waiting to answer your qustions?

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