A tale from my mother's creepy house: Quincy, MA

One Sunday afternoon, my mother, sister, her boyfriend and myself were eating Sunday dinner. My mother had made 5 cinnamon rolls and my sister had asked for the last one. I replied that there was only enough for each of us although we each had had one already. Even though I knew there were only four of us at the table, I subconciously felt there were five of us. that is why I told my sister she could not have the last bun. It dawned on me that only four of us were there so I let her have the last bun while mentioning how strange it was that I thought there were five of us. Shortly after the cap on the 2 liter bottle of Pepsi flew off the bottle and landed in my sister's plate. We were nonetheless creeped out about this. Now to all the skeptics who think the cap must have been under some kind of pressure, I must disagree. The cap had been twisted onto the bottle and not just placed on top. It would have required more than just pressure to actually turn the cap off the bottle and besides it wasn't a new bottle anyway, it had been opened earlier so that it didn't have it's maximum fizz. This is just one of many creepy happenings that have gone on in and out of that house in the twenty years that my has owned that house. If you liked that story and would like to hear more, let me know.

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Here is another Story from Eric =)

My mother's house sits at the top of a hill in Quincy, MA. The location might have something to do with all the creepy things that have gone on there. A friend suggested something about an indian burial ground, but I don't know.
My family and friends have all been aware of strange happenings in this house as they have happened non-stop since we first moved in. I moved out 14 years ago at the age of eighteen and would never want to spend another night there. I hate being in there without my mother being there. I don't know why, but the house doesn't seem as scary when she is at home. It's still scary mind you, just not as much as if she wasn't there at all.
The most unnerving aspect of the house's ghost is that it knows what you're thinking. I have learned the hard way that to escape unscathed is to think happy thoughts in you're head to block your mind from thinking about the ghost. When I'm there and I start to think about the ghost I just say over and over in my head, "happy thoughts, happy thoughts" until I can think of something other than ghosts.
The reason I say I learned the hard way not to think about the ghost or to think anything negative about the house when I'm there is because of an incident that ocurred on a dry sunny day. I was walking down the front steps (which are in good condition) and said to myself, "I hate this house". No sooner did I think those words and I was on my backside at the bottom of the stairs.
Another time, my sister said out loud, "if this house is haunted, I'll fall flat on my face right now". Of course she didn't fall right there. However, she was walking down the hill and when she got to the bottom, wham, she was on the pavement face down, skinned hands and knees. This particular day was also dry and sunny. That taught her and she never said anything like that again.
The creepiest example of the mind reading ghost happened to me one weeknight at about 1:00 a.m. My brother was asleep in his bedroom with the door opened. My stepfather also was sleeping in my parent's bedroom when my mother and I retired at the same time. Now that I think about it, I probably didn't want to be downstairs by myself. Anyway, we went upstairs at about 11:00 p.m. said goodnight and went to our respective bedrooms. Some time later I went to the bathroom and noticed everyone was asleep. I went back to my room to continue reading for awhile longer. I had a vaporizer in the room and it makes a whirring sound. I can't really explain it but I heard another sound within the whir of the vaporizer. It was a sinister sound just underneath the whir. Like I said, I can't reaaly explain the sound, I only know that it was creepy and sinister sounding. At that point I thought to myself, "there's no such thing as ghosts". As soon as I said those words in my head, there was a knock high up on my bedroom door which was unusual because my mother is short. I got up to answer the door and when I opened it, there was nobody there and the doors to the other bedrooms were in the same position as they were when I had gotten up previously to use the bathroom. I shut the door and said "wait a minute, I know what I heard, someone knocked on my door". So I went into my mother's room and had to shake her out of her deep sleep to tell her what happened. She indulged me by getting up and checking every floor of the house. When we got to my brother's room, he asked us what we were doing and we told him. He replied "it was just the ghost, he came in my room last night and went back out again, now get out of my room". I went back to my room and lay there frozen with fear determined not to fall back asleep, but sure enough I fell asleep. I was never before so creeped out as I was that night. I had always believed in ghosts because of my experiences, but I was flabbergasted to realize they can read your thoughts.

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