Wolf of Lambert Rd: Scottsville Ky

About three years ago one morning my mom and I were sitting at the kitchen table and I noticed she looked different than usual.I ask her what was wrong and she said she had a bad dream or thats what she thinks it was.She went on to explain how she was woke up by a sudden cold feeling and she looked at the foot of the bed and there stood a ghostly white wolf looking figure with very sharp claws and fangs that were undescribeable.Then she went on to tell about how she tried to wake up my dad but for some reason she couldnt move or scream or even whisper.Then she said the creature suddenly lunged after her on the bed and thats all she remembered until she woke up that morning.
Now heres where it gets interesting.Not long after this incedent I was over at my neighbors house which is seperated from our house only by a 50 yard wide woods.We were sitting up late one night watching T.V. and decided to tell some ghost stories.Well after a while Tonya {my neighbor} said she had one she thinks was a dream but she really,really belived it happened.Know heres where you have to keep in mind that my mom and my neighbor never associate or speak or even ackknowledge each other and this is what makes this hard for me to forget.Tonya said one night she was sleeping and suddenly was awakened by the cries of her baby when she got up to look just before she started down the hall just outside of the babies room door she suddenly saw a white ghostly wolf looking figure and she also noticed that the baby had stopped crying while the figure was visible to her but as soon as it disappeared again the baby would start crying so she turned and layed on the bed slowly to wake her husband but she couldnt scream or say anything for some reason he woke up and could tell something was wrong then all of the suddenly the creature appeared in their bedroomand lunged toward their bed and thats all they remembered till morning.so i dont think it was a dream because he also saw this figure at the same time she did. But the part that really makes this all so weird is I ask her when this all took place and she told me and it was the next night after my mom had the same expriance.I told them what had happened with my mom and we all looked at each other knowing whatever this ghost was it was seen by three different people in the same area.but Im still working on putting the pieces of this mystery together but until then I guess will have to keep in the back of our minds the wolf of Lambert Rd in Scottsville Ky.
by David Graves.

Jays Note: After you read this story I would like to hear your feed back. I will pass on any useful information to David and maybe if we work together we can Help him solve this Haunting Mystery

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