Southern Vermont Collage

In southern Vermont there is a college up on a mountain called Southern Vermont College. The College used to be t he summer home of Everett, supposedly the inventor of Coca-Cola and Mason Jars! The college had a reputation for being haunted by not one, but four ghosts. There are two ponds at the college. The upper pond, which is on top of the hill, is where Everett's first wife drowned. She is known as The Lady in White because several people have seen her in a flowing white dress. One student took his girlfriend up on the hill to visit the pond, and to see if they could spot The Lady in White. They watched from the other side so as not to scare her away if she came. After a while the girlfriend noticed two shadowy figures on the other side of the shore, and pointed them out to her boyfriend. They thought that one shadow was bigger than the other, and that it appeared to be an adult with a child. They saw the bigger one lean down towards the small one.

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