Athens State College

Abigail Lylia Burns was a very beautiful young woman with golden hair. She was studying to sing opera at Athens State College and had a lovely little soprano voice. Abigail had big plans of becoming a professional opera singer after school, but little did she know that her plans would soon change.

One terrible night in 1914, Abigailís life came to an end in McCandless Hall. Now many people at the school have claimed to see her in a white formal dress, the same dress she was wearing the night she died. Hundreds of people attend the memorial concert at the Huntsville Opera Theater in Alabama, just to see if her ghost will appear. Supposedly, there are other ghosts that walk the halls of Athens State College at night, but Abigail is still the most famous. The real mystery is that an investigation proved Abigail Lylia Burnswas never at these sights during the years of 1908 to 1922. So no one could really know whose ghost they were seeing on the third floor of McCadless Hall.

Another well known ghost is that of a very strict proctor known as Madam Childs. She is said to walk the halls of the womenís dormitories haunting the young girls who stay up past curfew. Regardless of these ghost sightings, Athens State College is still known as a quiet little campus.

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