Ghost on the Tracks

Jayz note:Here is a great story that was sent in by Larry Cooper.

This happend in Yukon #2, in West Virginia. I was about 16, me and my friend Jacob was going to go cat fishing on night. The spot where we cat fished was in a big patch of woods that used to be a field, a wide deep river runs trough the woods, across the river from the woods is a set of railroad track that many people say is haunted. Well anyhow me and Jacob got our stuff and walked down the path and into the woods. It was pitch black, the sky was cloudy and it was raining a little. We got down to the fishing hole and baited our hooks, and slung'em in. We were there for about an hour untill i seen something on the railroad tracks from the corner of my eye. I looked up and will never forget what I seen, I seen a woman in a white glowing dress. She was floating down the tracks. I told Jacob to look, as he looked the woman looked at us, she had a bloody face, she stoped and pointed at us and screamed like a demon. Me and Jacob jumped up and ran all the way home. We didin't get our fishing poles untill the next day!
Larry Cooper

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