A Visit from Pepere

Jayz Note: This is a really Heart warming story sent in by Shawn. Thanks for the Great Story!!

In 1988 my sister was pregnant with my nephew "Johnathan". Around her 8th month my father passed away of a massive heart attact ( he was 44) My mother and sisters beleive johnathan was sent to help ease the pain of loosing my father. About 2 months after he was born my sister and brother-in-law were awaken by the crying baby, they both sat up and argued a minute over who's turn it was to go check the baby. at that moment they heard someone in the room saying "shhhhh-shhhh its ok johnathan mommy will be here soon" they jumped up and ran into the room only to be stopped in there tracks by what they saw. Both my brother-in-law and my sister saw my father standing over little johnathan's crib. He was rubbing the baby's head speaking to him. My father then turned his head, winked at my sister and disappered. This is a true story!

Shawn Marcoux

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