Indiana University

(Reed Hall is a woman's residence at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.)

Reeder Road/Ross Cemetery - In N.W. Indiana is an abandoned stretch of road that is overgrown, dark, and mysterious. Since the early 1900s when the road was first developed, there have been many stories of paranormal activity originating from this stretch of road. The main legend stems from an incident that happened in 1955. A girl and her boyfriend were driving down the road in a thunderstorm after a high school dance. The boyfriend was speeding, and crashed the car. The young female in the passenger seat named Elizabeth Wilson was thrown from the car, and landed face down, and died in a puddle of water less than a foot deep. Since then, there have been many sighting of her ghostly apparition hitchhiking, and walking down the once active road. In 1977, a young high school boy was driving home from a football game, and decided to take a shortcut down reeder road, and happened to come upon a young girl in a party girl. He stopped to give her a ride, and she appeared cold. He offered her his letterman jacket, which she accepted. She then gave directions to a house near reeder road, but as they came up to Ross Cemetery, she yelled out for him to stop. He came around to open the door, and she had vanished with his lettermen's jacket. This frightened him, but he came in search of his jacket the next day, and found it on a grave marked "Elizabeth". Reeder Road was closed in the 1980s due to the fact that many people had committed suicide on the railroad tracks, and also was a dumping grounds for victims of many crimes. People have claimed their cars have been chased down the road by strange orb like balls of light. (Located in Griffith, Indiana off of South Arbogast Street.)