Remnants of War

I have had a few psychic experiences in my life, and I have already sent you a story concerning an old farmhouse I lived in. A few years ago, my family and I went to spend a day in Gettysburg, as we live in Pennsylvania. The whole park has an eerie feeling; I felt I was being watched the whole time.

Anyway, we had finished our tour of the battleground (our camera would not work around the Devil's Den area) and had proceeded to the burial grounds. My daughter and I were walking and chatting and both looked up at the same time and saw a woman in civil war dress. It was a dark green dress with black trim and she was wearing a black bonnett. She had a hanky and seemed to be crying, or blotting her face. We didn't think anything of it, except it was October. We didn't know if any re-enactments were taking place at that time.

It was broad daylight, a beautiful warm sunny day. We looked at each other, I guess in a surprised way, and when we looked ahead again--she was gone!! We only looked at each other for a second, I am sure. We never saw her again that day. We never saw her face at all. We aren't sure if she was a ghost or not.